Ed Gillespie

Ed the Host

Ed is an AirBnB ‘Superhost’ at his 300 year old wooden water Mill in South Norfolk – ‘The Mill of Impermanence’ – where he invites guests to enjoy the home he shares with his lively five year old daughter, and currently also a young Ukrainian couple.
The Mill is a microcosm of the energy transition, starting as water-powered, converting to steam post-industrial revolution, then onto electricity before it’s retirement as an industrial building in 1968 and conversion to residential use. In the final years of it’s life the Mill dehusked red clover seeds for planting as a nitrogen-fixing soil restoration crop, and was the biggest source of regenerative seeds in Europe.

Sitting directly over the River Chet, which flows under the kitchen floor, the Mill is blessed with bounteous wildlife from otters to kingfishers, egrets to herons, ducks to dragonflies, and is a perfect bucolic escape.