Ed Gillespie

Ed the Podcaster

Ed co-hosts and presents two leading podcasts, Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts and The Great Humbling, which have both run to four series and approaching a hundred episodes in total. Ed is also regularly interviewed on many others, from ‘Be More Pirate’ to ‘Crystals, Clits and Climate’!

The Futurenauts Podcast

As fellow ‘reluctant futurists’ The Futurenauts tackle the interconnected challenges of tomorrow with a heady mix of humour, humility and hyper-self-reflectivity, helping clients identify and wrangle with the toughest and most important of questions beyond their comfort zones and occasionally wilful blindness. Alongside comedian Jon Richardson they co-present the podcast ‘Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts – Book of Revelations’ which takes a serious but irreverent look at our grand challenges and how to address them (worldwide, the podcast is ranked in the top 0.5% by listenership).

Just fascinating, informative and hilarious! All 3 presenters are excellent and so clever and well informed but open to all ideas. It’s uplifting and eye opening.

By far, the best podcast series I have ever listened to. Delving into important topics in an informative way, with light hearted interludes. This should be crucial listening for all humans.

Hope despite the awfulness … brilliant, informative, very funny and ultimately hopeful – thank you for saving me from despair.

The Great Humbling Podcast

How will they look in hindsight, these strange times we are living through? Is this a midlife crisis on humanity’s road to the Star Trek future – or the point at which that story of the future unravelled and we came to see how much it had left out? What if our current crises are neither an obstacle to be overcome, nor the end of the world, but a necessary humbling? These are the kind of questions Ed and his co-host Dougald Hine co-founder of ‘A school called Home’ set out to explore in The Great Humbling.

Whenever I’m in danger of getting swept along in a righteous current, or have started to enjoy the view from today’s soapbox, an episode of The Great Humbling drops and it’s like Dougald and Ed are offering a friendly hand to help me step away and regain my footing. For which I am deeply and humbly grateful.

Do you want to be given space to examine the implications of the climate crisis in a way that doesn’t necessitate hanging your hat on some world-saving technology or inevitable grim apocalypse? Ed and Dougald are more likely to guide us towards acknowledging some of the human truths or at least aspects of wisdom that are harder to get at. And that’s not something I’d miss if it were offered to me by a podcast.

Dougald and Ed talk about the big questions in a way that’s hard to find being done anywhere else.