Ed Gillespie

Ed the Futurenaut

The Futurenauts are Ed Gillespie and Mark Stevenson, friends, accomplices, podcasters and mischievous provocateurs who specialise, as their name suggests, in sailing close to the winds of change.
Ed and Mark were drawn together by their shared frustrations with the current world, but love for the potential of a common future which is regenerative, equitable, humane and just. The duo have been working with organisations of all sizes for over a decade to stretch the imagination of the possible, and achieve transformative results for their clients in a process they call ‘insultancy’ – being strategically and playfully rude to clients to inspire them to raise their ambitions and aspirations. “Our clients do not expect an easy ride, but they do end up back in control of their lives” says Ed
The Futurenauts both challenged our leadership team and opened their mind to the real threats of climate change. They were able to engage and show how we could lead with purpose, whilst providing humour and leaving a lasting impression for every person to make an impact.
Mark Reynolds


The work you did starkly held the mirror up to/for us and provided the necessary impetus to reflect and build back better. We are not shying away from challenges and uncomfortable questions and, perhaps most importantly, there is a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for the future. So, a deep and heartfelt thankyou!
Kambe Events

Insightful. Engaging. Thought provoking. Challenging. Fun. Futurenauts brought a unique perspective to challenge our thinking with an infectious energy few possess. From the work we did together Nando’s UK&I now has clearer and bolder aspirations. We are better able to articulate our motivations and we now more fully understand the nuisances in our structure and culture so as to create the right environment to realise those aspirations.
Colin Hill

CEO, Nandos UK&I